High-end Condiments From The OBGG Test Kitchen

Open Bar Ghetto Gourmets

The Open Bar Ranch is HQ of the Ghetto Gourmet, led by Cutter Stevens and Vince Votan.  Our team consists of many talented and unique individuals who pitch in to make our condiments the most delicious you've ever tasted!

Our collective is made up of chefs who have different specialties and attitudes who joined forces to throw the most epic events — most notably our annual Crawfish Boil, which was about to celebrate its 11th notorious year before the lock down shut us down.

Assuming a few people were as bummed out by 2020's COVID party shutdown as we were, we made some hot sauce to help our friends remember the good times. Then we made some mustard, and some pickles — all selling out in hours. So we figured what the hell, we got a lot of spare time right now, let's make some weird stuff that no one has ever tasted before!

Who We Are

What We Do

Here at the OBGG test kitchen we strive for the unique. Everything we make is something you won't be able to find on the grocery shelf; that's pretty much our motto.

OBGG products start with the best ingredients, which are sometime hard to find. Vince and Cutter often take to the road in search of neat new ingredients to science with — and to find the local place that everyone needs to try. Science and research!

Every product is prepared by hand without any artificial ingredients! No preservatives, no artificial flavors or colors, no emulsifiers or stabilizers. Nothing but what nature gives us. We can everything in Ball Mason Jars, guaranteeing a pretty decent shelf life (plus everyone loves having mason jars to re-cycle and re-use).

Check out our Facebook and Instagram Pages to take part in every step of our food journey:

FB - https://www.facebook.com/groups/1768372646772790/

Insta  - https://www.instagram.com/ghettogourmets/

Real World (Raves and) Reviews:

Thanks to Vince & Cutter this has been one of our go-to dinners every week! Here (for my vegan/veghead friends) we have Beyond Sausage Brats simmered in a nasty strong IPA then pan grilled, served with OBGG's "Don't be a Sauer Kraut" topped with fresh cherry 'maters from my garden, OBGG's Irish Caviar, & TJ's spicy brown mustard. And for the meat eaters FYI....my highly carnivorous boyfriend, Flik, was confused and thought I was actually serving him real meat brats! 💪🍻 🐖 -Rhonda Roberts

“That’s good! That’s really, really, really good.” - Nick Charles Currie upon first taste of Becca Bacon Jam (on 19th birthday morning breakfast burger). 

Soooo tonight’s amazing dinner! Hamburger fried in a pan with Cutter Stevens’s delicious Dijon Mustard topped with his Bacon Jam and Spicy Pickled Onions with Cauliflower Rice and Scallions sautéd with also Cutter’s amazing Fiery Grape Seed Oil also olive oil, Gozonador Total Seasoning, black pepper and garlic salt! No need for cheese, bun or lettuce cause this was the best hamburger I’ve ever eaten in my life! Soooo fuckin Yummy!!! 😋😋 - Carol Suarez

Vince Votan Sambal Boombasi added to my homemade stir fry.
Wowza! Spicy goodness! - Rosee Aranda


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